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"Me Time"

It can be difficult trying to juggle home life, work life, friendships and family all at once. Problems arise when those different aspects of life intertwine and rather than conjoining in a respectful manner, they fight against each other. Your job wants your attention and they like it if you would be on call for them at all times. Your family also needs your attention and they might get resentful if you spend all of your time at work.

In a perfect world, everything and everyone would be encapsulated in their own little category, never to cross over into any other. Since this is not possible, you will have plenty of times when you just want to toss in the towel and give up. But when you start to feel like that, it’s time for some serious evaluation of what’s important to you.

It’s okay to forget about the rest of the world for a bit. It’s also okay to turn off the phone occasionally, so you can enjoy your time to yourself. Give yourself the ‘me’ time that you deserve and tell your friends it’s okay for them to have a little time to themselves as well. Sometimes when we take a break from work, we also need to take a break from as many other aspects of our lives as possible. Shut off the phone for a day, turn off the Wi-Fi, ignore the computer and simply disassociate yourself from civilization for as long as it takes to start feeling human again. It’s your vacation, right? Treat yourself to your own personal idea of luxury. What it boils down to is this… you must allow yourself to say no sometimes, so that you have the time you need to recharge.

Keep your priorities straight about what comes first in your life. For many of us, that’s family. The job is second and friends are third. People will take whatever you give them so try not to give too much of yourself all the time. It is healthy to make space for yourself to meditate, read, or nap. Spending time outside or with a pet gives you the quiet peacefulness that we all lack in this media crazed world. Life will start to feel good again once you have taken a little more control over it and have eliminated the daily panic and frustrations. It’s not always easy to juggle your many lives, but once you have a handle on it, it can make life a whole lot more relaxing, not to mention a whole lot more fun!

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