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How to Keep Your Marriage Emotionally Fit?

The key to a strong and healthy marriage is emotional connectedness. Yet, for many couples this is a challenge of time, effort, and inclination. In order to stay engaged and emotionally fit, there needs to be attention paid to nurturing the relationship every day. Most people are attentive to their own needs, but find it difficult to put the needs of others first. They workout daily, get their nails done weekly, and keep up with friendships with ease. But, when it is time to devote moments to their partners, there seems to be no time left. An Emotionally Fit marriage takes times, dedication, and daily devotion.

Much like you keep yourself fit and healthy, you need to afford the same level of care to your relationships. Couples need to spend less time focusing on themselves and more time cultivating a lasting an emotional bond with their partner, by simply being present.

Keeping your marriage fit can be easy, if you are willing to adopt a few simple steps to your daily life!

1. Come up with a special way to show that you care

Most marriages drift because the partners stop caring about the little things that brought joy into their relationship and they forget to make their partner feel valued. A simple “I love you” each morning can do wonders to change how your partner views your interactions and how they feel about the relationship. Happily married couples have their own unique ways to show their partner they are loved and valued each day.

2. Ask your Partner what makes them feel love

It is difficult to know what it is that makes our partners truly happy. None of us are mind readers and individuals often feel hurt or discouraged, when they make an effort, and it is not well received. Stop guessing, ask your partner what would make them feel loved and then do it.

3. Go to bed together

One of the keys to a healthy and emotionally fit marriage is going to bed together. This is a special time where couples cuddle, talk, and engage in sexual play. Without this time, couples lose valuable intimacy. Couples that don’t sleep together or have separate sleeping schedules will often feel disconnected and resentful. Make a time for bed that you both can agree on and stick to it!

4. Plan a Date Night

Couples spend too much time doing things for others, including their children. If you want your marriage to be emotionally fit, then you need to exercise the experience of being together. Schedule a date night twice a month where just you and your partner do something together. It could be a great dinner out or simply watching a movie together with a cup of tea when the kids are asleep. The key is to make moments together.

5. Go to Therapy before things become bad

Couples wait until their relationships are on the brink of failure before they make an appointment. You cannot fix years of destructive behaviors in a few quick sessions. If you know that your relationship is struggling, make an appointment and address it. The earlier you get help, the better the outcome will be!!

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