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Confidential Tele-Health

Confidential Tele-Health sessions are an appealing therapeutic option for those individuals that are unable to leave their home, have very busy lives, and/or live far away from my office. Many clients enjoy the flexibility of having sessions while they are on vacation or when they are traveling for work. The sessions can be 45 minutes or 60 minutes and for many can feel just as comfortable as sitting in my office.

Confidential Tele-Health sessions are a useful tool that can be used after a full intake session occurs over the phone. It is important for each client to be properly assessed before we can determine whether Skyping would be a good fit. These sessions are not a viable option for individuals who need more comprehensive therapy or for couples who are volatile. These more intense issues need to be addressed in my office.

Confidential Tele-Health sessions cannot be billed through insurance. They are billed as “out-of-pocket” at the same rate as in office sessions.

$175 for a 45-minute session
$200 for a 60-minute session

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