My Approach

Understanding individuals and their stories is my work. I use a family system's approach, which means that I understand individuals in the context of their family and through multiple generations. My therapy is structural and skill based, as well as educational. My goal is to learn everything I can about you, your past, your family, and the patterns that you have recognized in your own life. We will then use this information to conceptualize your strengths in order to move towards any changes that you would like to see.

Keeping couples together, means that families have the opportunity to mature and grow, which means that children will maintain stable, consistent, environments. Families are the corner stone of our communities and our world, so it is my goal to work to keep them operating effectively. I believe in marriage and take great joy in helping couples stay together, but when this is not possible, divorcing safely and without harming the children becomes the primary focus. Even when couples divorce, they are still a family.

My focus is to assist couples re-engage, to help children learn and thrive, and assist every individual I meet with finding a healthier, more joyful place in the world. To me this is the essential element of life and by sharing the knowledge I have, my hope is that my clients will grow and thrive.


Coming to the decision to end your marriage is difficult and heart-wrenching. Each couple decides what is the appropriate way to navigate this experience. Traditional contentious divorces are not the only answer any more. Mediation is a safe, cost effective way to divorce without leaving both parties in financial and emotional ruin. At Marital Solutions, we put children and family first by gently guiding parties to compromise while maintaining emotional well-being.

The difference is that Mediation is a form of conflict resolution that gives more control to the actual parties. It is the natural alternative to contentious, overly expensive, traditional divorce court. Through mediation, couples can reach an outcome that is designed based upon their own unique interests and needs, rather than having a ruling imposed upon them by a court.

This leads to a greater satisfaction in both the process and the results. Additionally, Mediation costs are a fraction of litigated divorce proceedings. Mediation at Marital Solutions is dually facilitated by an expert in Marriage & Family Therapy and by an attorney who is an NJ APM-trained Professional Mediator. In a safe, judgement free environment all parties are heard and no one is left feeling that their needs are less than any other.


"I never thought that I could survive my divorce! I came to Marisa as a sad, broken woman who did not believe she could make it on her own. A year later I was dating, happy and living the life I had always dreamed of."

—  Tina, 43

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