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Group Therapy

We are currently starting two new groups at the Caldwell locations, please feel free to contact me for more information and an initial screening.


Divorce Therapy:

Going through the initial stages of divorce can be overwhelming and devastating for most.  Having a supportive group of peers in a similar situation can make the process much more manageable.  Please join us for group insight, skillful coping mechanisms, and discussions on being “single-again”.


Husband Boot Camp:

A great alternative to a new moms meet-up! What about the men?  New father’s struggle just as much as moms do- with new pressures, responsibilities, and sexual issues.  Come meet other young father’s and discuss the difficulties of “husbanding and fathering”.  Older, more experienced dads are welcome too!


This is a great way for men to have the opportunity to voice their fears and concerns over being a new father and balancing the difficult tasks of working, helping out at home, and being a present father.


New Moms Skill Based Therapy:

An alternative to new mom therapy.  Instead of a group that focuses on the emotions of being a new mom, this group will use a more structured and educational approach to help new moms get acclimated with the weekly and monthly challenges of establishing a new life with a child.  The group is about hands-on learning and the nuts and bolts of being a new mom.  We will examine nursing vs. bottling and how this changes over time, diapers through the monthly stages, bedtime techniques, house proofing, and so much more!  Come meet new moms and find a space to relax, gain insight and share ideas.  Mothers with babies up to 2 years are welcome to attend.  Insurance accepted.


Young Adult Depression Chat:

We are looking to start a weekly depression group that focuses on how to live a healthy, thriving life with depression.  This group does require an initial screening and is for individuals 18 – 25.  Topics will include:  living away from home, learning to cope, how to deal with others during times of crisis, and becoming comfortable with self.  Insurance accepted.

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